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How Our Seminars Work:
Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc. can customize existing presentations and develop a class, seminar or hands on workshop to meet specific needs. We are interested in working with established suppliers, manufacturers and consultants to co-sponsor seminars throughout the country. If you are interested in finding out how you can co-sponsor one of our educational seminars in your area for employees, customers or the general public, call our office (206-682-9748) and ask for a copy of our seminar co-sponsor kit. Mr. Griffin is comfortable conducting educational presentations on any cleaning, small business or management related subject.

Check with your local janitorial supplier or trade association to see if they have Mr. Griffin scheduled for a seminar or presentation in your area. For Mr. Griffin's up-to-date seminar and travel schedule CLICK HERE. The following presentations have proven very popular and beneficial for small as well as large groups.

Established Seminars:

Floor Care Technician (FTC) Certification Course
Length: 2 days
The certification for this course is through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This is a two-day seminar that will show you all the ins and outs of becoming a Certified Floor Care Technician. For more information on this course CLICK HERE.

Basic Outline

Day 1
- Industry Overview
- Health, Safety, & Liability
- Floor Covering Materials
- Chemical, Tools and Equipment
- Floor Care Principles & Procedures
Day 2
- Specialized Floor Care Procedures
- Problem Solving and Trouble Shooting
- Managing the Floor Care Function
- Industry Resources
- Certification Exam Review

Click Here for a Detailed Outline of this seminar

Preventing Burnout
Length: 1-2 hours
The health and morale of you and your employees are prime factors in your operation's productivity and profitability. Job stress, work pressure, confused or distant objectives, and negative pressures can cause fatigue, depression, poor health and bad attitudes in a word, burnout.

Bringing About and Working Through Change
Length: 1-2 hours
This seminar explores the need for change in today's world, what obstacles and barriers are likely to arise, and how to effectively neutralize resistance and lead your organization to higher levels of quality improvement and profitability.

The Future of the Cleaning Industry
Length: 1-2 hours
Having an understanding of present trends and future developments will enable you to plan ahead for survival and profitability while others find themselves losing money and unable to compete. New surfaces to clean, new chemicals and equipment, greater emphasis on cost control, and more environmental regulations are among the developments you can expect.

Getting What You Want From Your Life & Business
Length: 1-2 hours
The difference between obtaining what you desire and failing to reach your potential is largely a matter of applying several simple, well-known and proven principles. This seminar gives you practical advice and proven strategies for success that you can use immediately.

Custodial Training Programs - The How and the Why
Length: 1-2 hours
Perhaps no other factor is more important to quality improvement and increased profitability than on going and effective training programs. Relevant training will improve employee competence and morale, decrease costs and complaints, and allow for more effective delegation and supervision.

How to Find and Keep Qualified Employees
Length: 1-2 hours
Declining workforce motivation coupled with increasing demand for highly skilled workers is creating a critical shortage of qualified employees. In this seminar, Mr. Griffin offers a number of strategies to address and overcome this problem. Included are: advice on how to write a job description, screen applicants in timesaving and efficient ways, develop effective benefit and incentive packages.

Organizing Custodial Operations for Maximum Efficiency
Length: 1-6 hours
You need to be organized and effective in today's competitive marketplace. In this seminar you learn how to instill the right attitude of professionalism, develop easy to use documentation and monitoring systems, schedule time and labor toward priority projects, and provide effective supervision.

Administering Cleaning Service Contracts
Length: 1-4 hours
Few aspects of the cleaning business incur more misunderstandings, customer dissatisfaction, financial loss, and terminated business relationships than poorly written and administered service contracts. This seminar covers writing specifications, pricing guidelines, legal issues, and how to manage and administer service contracts.

How to Sell and Price Contract Cleaning
Length: 2 days
In this seminar Wm Griffin will walk you through the process of identifying, reaching, convincing and preparing an accurate bid and proposal for cleaning services for all types and sizes of buildings. The author examines various specialty markets, what's involved in service to each market and how to determine what your costs will be and how much you should charge in order to cover all labor, supply, equipment, overhead and profit. This is a hands-on seminar, during which you will calculate and prepare actual bids on case study buildings and be able to ask and have answered all your bidding and estimating questions.

How to Start and Operate a Successful Cleaning Business
Length: 1 day
This seminar is ideal for both small and large businesses as well as for those who want to start a business in the future. Learn how to start a cleaning business on a shoestring budget. In this seminar, Mr. Griffin covers what it takes to start and operate a successful cleaning business. He will cover in detail all the key elements of operating and managing a cleaning business in today's competitive market. Twenty different types of cleaning businesses will be examined and discussed.

Seminars for School Custodians:

Wm Griffin and Perry Shimanoff, President of MC2 in Santa Clara, CA team up to offer a series of six interactive and educational seminars for custodians, supervisors and managers who work in all types of educational institutions. Griffin and Shimanoff have conducted over 100 seminars for school custodians over the last three years, training more than 4000 custodians in the state of California alone.

For information on how this program can be offered in your area, give us a call and we will be happy to send you a seminar sponsorship kit. The following seminars programs are available, however they can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your institution.

Cleaning Schools in 2000 and Beyond, Part 1 - Classrooms, Restrooms & Quality Control
This six-hour workshop is for school custodians, supervisors and facilities managers. An interactive format,
including videos, group exercises, and hands-on activities, is used to cover the proper procedures needed to provide quality service when cleaning classrooms, restrooms, and other key areas. New developments in equipment, chemicals, procedures and surfaces are reviewed along with how to get better cooperation from teachers, students, and administrators.

Cleaning Schools in 2000 and Beyond, Part 2 - Carpet Cleaning & Spotting
This six-hour workshop builds on the initial program outlined above by reviewing the key points and then goes on to deal specifically with the proper procedures that should be followed when cleaning and spotting carpet. Participants learn about carpet fibers, styles, construction methods, and a variety of cleaning methods used commercially to clean carpets. Hands-on practice removing a variety of spots from carpet plays an important role in this skill development workshop.

Cleaning Schools in 2000 and Beyond, Part 3 - Hard, Resilient and Wood Floor Care
This six-hour workshop covers all the details, procedures, chemicals, and equipment needed to efficiently maintain
all types of floor coverings found in educational facilities. This course covers our standard floor care program, with procedures tailored to the special needs of schools, colleges and universities.

Cleaning Schools in 2000 and Beyond, Part 4 - Custodial Supervision and Management
Managing custodial and maintenance functions in educational facilities requires special skills as well as an
understanding of the individual needs of students, teachers, and administrators. It's no easy job to meet these needs when enrollment is growing while budgets are shrinking. Successful managers must also have an understanding of how to encourage their workers to perform at the highest levels of quality.

Cleaning Schools in 2000 and Beyond, Part 5 - Effective Custodial Management for Site Administrators
This three-hour workshop provides principals, teachers and administrators with the information, understanding and programs they need to effectively manage the custodial function in educational facilities of all types and size.

Cleaning Schools in 2000 and Beyond, Part 6 - Safety and Health for School Custodians
This six-hour program provides attendees with the information they need to work more safely on the job. The program is educational, entertaining, and interactive. By the end of the presentation participants will be able to see potentially hazardous situations, understand what causes most injuries on the job and be able to take action to avoid putting themselves in risky situations that frequently cause accidents. Meets State requirements for safety training in the workplace. Chemicals, Indoor Air Quality, blood and airborne pathogen precautions, ladder usage, fire safety
and proper lifting procedures are covered.

Note: Any of the above may be altered to meet the specific needs of the audience.

Other Possible Seminar Topics

 - Carpet & Rug Cleaning - Spotting - Repair and Care of Equipment and Supplies - Preventing Repetitive Motion Injuries - Administering Cleaning Service Contracts - Restroom and Office Cleaning - Protecting Indoor Air Environmental Quality (IAQ) - Upholstery, Drapery, or Ceiling Cleaning - Floor Care - Bidding, Scheduling & Control - Safety for Cleaning Professionals - Team Cleaning Implementation - Stripping - Burnishing - Infection Control and Bio-hazardous Waste - Food Services: Health, Sanitation & Safety - Scrubbing - Refinishing- Blood Borne Pathogen Precautions

Classes, workshops and seminars can be for any number of attendees and can range from 1 to 6 hours or more in length, depending on your needs and the subject matter.

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